We work with leading experts in Europe and the United States, in structures for the preservation of assets, and in choosing the most appropriate entity and jurisdiction to hold investment portfolios, trademarks, real estate, and companies that will own shares of other companies or that will carry out international trade operations. For this, we assess the characteristics of each market, the conditions and practical needs of each client, and the benefits offered by international agreements on double taxation and investment protection. The objective is to define a strategy for the integral management of the heritage that will allow it to be conserved and increased in the long term. The best of the patrimonial planning begins by the preparation and development of a balance to know with precision the situation and the state of the personal, family and business patrimony; the investments made; the debt incurred; pending returns and possible weaknesses. This first diagnosis will give way to a financial strategy that will take into account aspects such as liquidity, debt and refinancing; for the estimation and management of risks and opportunities.
  • Strategic guidelines; Support in decision making.
  • Investment strategy, divestment and diversification of assets.
  • Optimization of the business and family patrimonial structure.
  • Advice, constitution, administration and management of financial investment vehicles in different jurisdictions.
  • Creation and development of the family office.
  • Equity balance: status, investments, debt, returns, weak points, etc.
  • Financial strategy: debt and refinancing, liquidity, consolidation, international.
  • Risk management: determine and evaluate risks.
  • Restructuring of business or family groups.
  • Successions and donations; other patrimonial transfers.
  • Family or business foundations.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Corporate sale, mergers and acquisitions