In our lifetimes, we amass wealth of every type, the value of which must be preserved and gradually increased. To achieve this, an estate planning strategy must be designed for the short, medium, and long terms.

The best estate planning starts by preparing and developing a balance sheet to accurately understand the situation and status of personal, family, and business wealth; the investments made; the debt incurred; outstanding returns; and potential weak points. This initial diagnosis will lay the foundations for a financial strategy that considers aspects such as liquidity; debt and refinancing; consolidation; internationalization; investment, divestment, and asset diversification strategies; and the necessary estimation and management of the risks and opportunities.

This entire process, marked by a constant need for decision-making, requires a very clearly defined vision and initial strategic guidelines. This is where Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners brings much added value. Optimisation of wealth and family structure; design and implementation of a family office; business or family group restructurings; corporate sales, purchases, mergers and acquisitions; and planning of inheritances and successions, as well as other transfers of wealth and retirement planning, are just some of the services related to estate planning, always working toward the tax optimisation of your wealth.