The greater a family’s wealth, the more important it is to dedicate resources, time, and expertise to the professional management of their joint property and assets.

Whether you own one or more family companies or have sold them, the point is that your family has plenty of wealth. Of course, this must be managed via a strategy that meets indispensable requirements: preserve the pool of property and assets, grow the wealth for future generations, and uphold the family values and principles.

Routine family office work for a large family company involves a degree of legal and tax advice; short- and long-term estate planning and management; the implementation and administration of structures such as trust funds, foundations, life insurance, and corporate entities; and the planning of inheritances, always working toward preserving the assets to ensure they are properly passed down to the next generation.

While a family office always tends to increase control and supervision over the family’s economic activity and seeks to strategically plan the preservation, growth, and future transfer of the family wealth, it should be noted that the range and scope of family office services are tied to the specific needs and estate mindset of each family and family business.