When amassing property and assets, succession, will, and inheritance planning is not only an essential task for proper wealth management, but also improves short- and long-term decision-making and contributes to the tax optimisation of your wealth.

Drafting and executing open wills, closed wills, testamentary statements, codicils, bequests, executors, succession agreements, and lawful successions; accepting an inheritance; inheritance with and without a will; living will or advance directives; and agreements between heirs are just some of the services related to this area of expertise offered by Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners.

As a matter of fact, good estate and real estate planning, including a good generational strategy for the structure and development of a family office, should always include a perspective and focus on the succession and inheritance of the property and assets amassed during your lifetime. This will preserve and increase your worth while setting a good example for future generations.