The goal of Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners real estate planning services is to maximize the value of your real estate and develop a strategy that does not just preserve your wealth, but makes it grow and allows you to expand your real estate wealth.

For well-designed real estate planning, it is essential to ascertain and recognize the market value and growth potential of your real estate portfolio, as well as your expectations and long-term vision. After mapping out this starting point, we’ll help you with researching and selling properties, business opportunities in the acquisition and rental of real estate, economic feasibility studies for real estate projects, market studies to avoid purchasing overvalued real estate; analysis of the different commodification strategies, tax optimization related to owning and transferring real estate, urban development and modification of real estate, modification of the land registry status of your real estate properties, studies on the modification of real estate in accordance with urban regulations for granting licenses, and much more.

As a strategic pillar for the tax optimisation of your wealth, proper planning of your real estate will help your assets to operate better. This will lead to an increase in their value, looking to the future and even thinking about the day when they are part of an inheritance or succession.