At Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners we are experts in corporate restructuring operations and creation of holding company structures in Barcelona and Spain. We take care of the creation and maintenance of the holding company at national and international level, and we evaluate the structure options to obtain the greatest advantages from a legal, fiscal and organizational point of view.

What is a holding company? 

A holding company is formed by a group of companies in which one company takes control of others, acquiring all or part of their shares. In this way, it can make decisions in each of them and streamlines the management process of the different companies.

A holding company can be suitable for any company, regardless of its size, but it is essential to study the specific circumstances of the business and see which structure provides the most advantages.

When should you create a holding company?

It might be the right time to create a holding company if you find yourself in a case of:

  • One or more of your companies in a situation of excess cash.
  • There is a potential buyer for your company or you intend to sell it.
  • To reduce the corporate tax burden.
  • To internationalize companies, to open the way in the foreign market.

In Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners we offer services to create a Holding Company at National and International level.

How can Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners help you create a holding company?

We provide personalized advice in Barcelona and Spain to each client to create the business structure that best suits their situation and needs. In addition, given our strong international vocation, these holding company structures can be both national and international.

Our team is formed by specialized lawyers and tax experts with a great knowledge in corporate operations such as mergers, contributions, spin-offs and exchange of securities.

Advantages and disadvantages of a holding company

Some of the advantages of a holding company are:

  • It speeds up and simplifies the decision making process.
  • Tax savings as the holding company is considered a tax unit as a group and the companies are no longer taxed individually.

While it also has a few disadvantages: 

  • Management complexity. The structure of a holding company is not the same as that of a single entity. For a holding company to function, a good management system is essential.
  • There are certain costs and requirements both on the part of the holding company and on the part of the companies that create it.

Services including the creation of a National and International Business Holding Company.

  • Registration with EU Tax Administrations to obtain a tax number
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns with EU Tax Authorities
  • Perfect tax structuring of international companies and holdings
  • Structuring of holding companies
  • Inheritance planning, foundations (trusts)
  • Choice of legal form when setting up companies abroad
  • Drafting of framework contracts with the holding company and its subsidiaries