We perform all types of labor formalities in Barcelona and Spain, from the first intervention in the selection process, preparation of payrolls of employees, social security, among other services. Our team of specialists provides the necessary labor advice for the company and employees ensuring compliance with labor regulations in the countries where the company has a presence.

Advantages of having a Labor Advice

Because the current dynamic world in which we live is bound by legal frameworks and structures, and the established laws that surround us are constantly changing, it is necessary and essential to have a labor advice and have an allied figure who understands the finer details and treats them with skill and commitment to ensure a prosperous growth to the company.

Thus, the figure of an advisor or labor lawyer, defends the interests in all types of labor procedures and is present, both in individuals and in companies, when compliance with the law and other regulations is required.

Activities that we develop as Labor Advisors

Having an optimal labor advice is essential to carry out a correct development of the activity of a company.

Aspects such as tax declarations, general accounting or payroll management will always be less complex to solve if it is with the help and presence of a labor advisor. And, in addition, we will avoid possible tax, criminal or civil consequences.

Services we offer as International Labor Advisors

  • Advice on the displacement of personnel abroad.
  • Advice and management of contribution obligations.
  • Advice on the hiring of international personnel.
  • Elaboration and management of personnel contracts in their different modalities: extensions and modifications, bonuses and bonuses, clauses.
  • Cost study: We can tell you what the cost of your personnel represents for the company.
  • Contracting: Drafting and preparation of different types of contracts, whether labor or commercial.
  • Payroll: Calculation and preparation of salary slips.
  • Temporary and Permanent Disabilities: Management and presentation of IT to the INSS both of the general regime and the self-employed regime.
  • Personal income tax returns: Formalization and filing of quarterly and annual personal income tax returns.
  • Liquidations: Drafting and preparation of settlement documents and settlements.
  • Dismissals: Study, substantiation and formalization of dismissals.
  • Sanction letters: Drafting and formalization of sanctions according to the applicable collective bargaining agreement.
  • Employment regulation files: Drafting, completion, management and presentation of the same.