We carry out all types of labor management, from the first intervention in the selection process, preparation of employee payrolls, social security, among other services. Our team of specialists provides the necessary labor advice for the company and the employees, ensuring compliance with labor regulations in the countries where the company is operating.
  • Advice on the movement of employees abroad.
  • Advice and management of contribution obligations.
  • Advice on hiring international employees.
  • Elaboration and management of personnel.
  • Study of costs: We are able to give you what is the average costs that your staff represents for the company.
  • Hiring: Drafting and preparation of different types of contracts, either labor or commercial.
  • Payroll: Calculation and preparation of salary sheets.
  • Temporary and permanent disabilities: Management and presentation of IT to the INSS for both the general
  • and the self-employed systems.
  • Income tax returns: Formalization and presentation of quarterly and annual income tax returns.
  • Liquidations: Drafting and preparation of settlement documents.
  • Dismissals: Study, substantiation and formalization of dismissals.
  • Sanction letters: Writing and formalization of sanctions according to the applicable collective agreement.
  • Employment regulation files: Writing, filling out, management and presentation of the same.