The interests of our customers, natural persons or legal entities who amass property, assets, corporations, companies, estates, and wealth, often go beyond the borders of a single nation and are affected and conditioned by a wide range of legal, jurisdictional, and taxation frameworks, unique to each country and alongside supranational institutions. Wherever the business and professional activities you undertake or would like to set up, Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners has the know-how required and presence within the territory of each country to provide support every step of the way and map out actions to be taken.

International legal and tax advice, international tax optimisation, estate taxes and succession and gift taxes, direct cross-border projects and investments, opening offices or divisions abroad, tax structuring of international companies and holdings, choosing the legal structure before setting up a company locally or abroad, tax structure optimisation for distribution of profits, tax planning in the framework of international business financing, design and structure of holding companies and succession provisions are just some of the services related to this area of expertise, always working toward the tax optimisation of your wealth.