We advise families' assets with the aim of preserving them from generation to generation. The daily management of the familiy office needs a good legal and tax advice, as well as short- and long-term planning; the implementation and administration of structures such as trusts, foundations, life insurance and corporate entities; and the planning of inheritance assets, always seeking the preservation of the assets to make a correct transfer to the next generation. A familiy office is intrinsically linked to the specific needs and mentality of each family. At Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners we will provide a personalized and integrated approach to ensure that every detail is taken into consideration, adapting to the wishes of each individual family member.
  • Strategic guidelines; support in decision making
  • Investment strategy, disinvestment and asset diversification.
  • Optimization of the business and family wealth structure.
  • Advice, incorporation, administration and management of financial investment vehicles in different
  • jurisdictions.
  • Creation and development of the family office.
  • Balance sheet: status, investments, debt, returns, weaknesses, etc.
  • Financial strategy: debt and refinancing, liquidity, consolidation, international.
  • Risk management: identify and evaluate risks.
  • Restructuring of business or family groups.
  • Successions and donations; other patrimonial transmissions.
  • Family or business foundations.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Purchase and sale, mergers and corporate acquisitions