In many cases, there are estates derived from large business projects, which are preserved and increased generationally in the families. When it comes to organizing a large family legacy, doubts arise in relation to tax or legal advice, whether at a national or international level. At Gutiérrez Pujades & Partners we offer you a comprehensive Family Office service in Barcelona and Spain, with which we advise you about your wealth and coordinate each phase with the aim of preserving it from generation to generation from a global and independent vision.

What is a Family Office?

A Family Office is a private company established to manage all the assets of a family and to preserve their continuity over time. Its organization is made up of administrators, financial advisors, tax specialists and legal experts, who are in charge of everything related to family wealth.

When is it convenient to create a Family Office?

Its creation is necessary when there is a certain amount of family wealth that, due to its size, is difficult to manage by a single family. At the same time, this wealth must be able to generate a return to operate on its own as a company. In addition, a Family Office could also be chosen in cases such as, for example, the sale of a company in which the family has to organize the financial and real estate assets; or for those who earn considerable amounts of money in a very short period of time.

Types of Family Office

There are two options when setting up a Family Office, depending on the size of the assets:

Single Family Office (SFO)

This is a company that is for a single family. This means that the professionals who manage the assets of this family group will do it exclusively for them.

Multi Family Office (MFO)

This is used when the assets are not large enough to form a Family Office of its own, and a multi-family office is chosen, the cost of which is usually more economical as there is no exclusive dedication.

How does a Family Office work?

The operation of family offices, whether international or national, is based on a series of services through which advice is provided for each type of company. To do so, we use a series of processes to be followed:

  • Financial Planning: An evaluation of the general situation is carried out in order to determine objectives, the family structure is reviewed and a protocol is organized to plan wealth management.
  • Investment Strategy: A global investment strategy is created, which presents investment ideas and opportunities and, consequently, the follow-up that these entail is carried out.
  • Advice: Legal and tax advice is provided by professionals whose interests are fully aligned with those of the family and who take care of each of the members.

What does the National and International Family Office service include?

  • Strategic guidelines; decision support.
  • Investment strategy, divestment and asset diversification.
  • Optimization of corporate and family wealth structure.
  • Advice, incorporation, administration and management of financial investment vehicles in different jurisdictions.
  • Creation and development of the family office.
  • Balance sheet: status, investments, debt, returns, weaknesses, etc.
  • Financial strategy: debt and refinancing, liquidity, consolidation, international.
  • Risk management: identification and assessment of risks.
  • Restructuring of business or family groups.
  • Inheritance and donations; other asset transfers.
  • Family or business foundations.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Corporate sales, mergers and acquisitions.

How can Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners help you create a family office?

At Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners, we provide a personalized and integrated approach that ensures that every detail is taken into consideration and adapted to the wishes of each particular family. We advise on family wealth with the objective of preserving it from generation to generation, and provide support in the legal, tax and related issues of short and long term estate planning; the implementation and administration of structures such as trusts, foundations, life insurance and corporate entities; and succession planning, always seeking the preservation of assets to make a correct transfer to the next generation.