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As mentioned in the El País article, Eric and Jessica Smith, a charming couple hailing from Kansas, United States, were captivated by the beauty and charm of Spain during their first visit in 2017. They explored the vibrant cities of Madrid, Barcelona, and San Sebastián, immersing themselves in the rich culture and enjoying Spanish hospitality. What began as a tourist visit transformed into a deep love for the country, eventually leading them to make a bold decision: to move to Spain.

The idea of settling on Spanish soil became a recurring dream for Eric and Jessica. It was during the pandemic, a period that challenged conventions and motivated many to reconsider their lives, that the couple decided to apply to teach English in Spain. Their chosen destination was Logroño, a picturesque city in northern Spain. The move took place six months before they received the exciting news that Jessica was pregnant. Although this could have been reason enough to rethink their plans, the couple was determined to forge ahead and fulfill their Spanish dream.

In February of this year, the Smith family went viral on social media, specifically on TikTok, with a video titled “Why not Logroño?” In this video, they shared their experience and answered the frequently asked question of why an American family had chosen La Rioja as their home. Eric and Jessica praised the hospitality of the people, the exquisite cuisine, the delightful wines, and the sense of security they found in Logroño. They highlighted the quality of life and the affordable cost of living as key aspects that made their decision to move even more right.

The cultural shock, known as “culture shock,” is a common experience among Americans settling in Spain. However, for the Smiths, this shock became an opportunity to learn and appreciate cultural differences. They immersed themselves in local life, participated in festivals, and integrated into the community, allowing them to overcome culture shock and fully embrace their new life in Spain.

But what are the real advantages of residing in Spain?

Public Health

Spain boasts a high-quality public health system that ensures access to top-notch medical services. 

Academic Destination of Excellence

With a rich history and a variety of educational institutions, Spain has become a renowned academic destination. 

Nomad Visa and Beckham Law

Spain offers options such as the “Nomad Visa,” attracting remote professionals, and the “Beckham Law,” benefiting foreign athletes and professionals.

Great Option for Climate, Culture, and Natural Resources

The Mediterranean climate, rich culture, and abundance of natural resources make Spain an ideal place to live. 

In a virtual world often filled with tensions, social media platforms like TikTok have allowed the Smiths to share their experience in a friendly, fun, and safe space. Their accounts offer viewers a window into life in Spain from a unique perspective. Perhaps, as their story suggests, all it takes is to look at something with the eyes of a newcomer to fall in love with it again. In the case of Eric and Jessica Smith, that “something” is Spain, a country that has shifted from being a tourist destination to becoming the loving home and a realm of new opportunities they always dreamed of.

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