When it comes to family property and assets, succession planning, wills and inheritance is so much an indispensable task in the face of good family wealth management.

The drafting and execution of open wills, closed wills, probate proceedings, codicils, bequests, executors, probate agreements, legitimate; acceptances of an inheritance; inheritances with a will and inheritances without a will; living wills or advanced will documents and agreements between heirs are some of the services associated to this area of expertise of Gutierrez Pujadas & Partners, who offers its services in Barcelona and Spain, having at the same time an International partner network as well.

A good estate planning, including a good medium and long-term strategy for the structure and evolution of a family office, should always incorporate a perspective associated with the succession and inheritance of the property and assets accumulated during lifetime. This will preserve and increase their value, while setting a good example for the generations to come.