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Are you self-employed? As an entrepreneur, we understand that your time is valuable! That’s why we offer you a specialized team that will accompany you throughout the process, providing comprehensive advice in fiscal, labor, and accounting matters. We help you move forward with your business safely and hassle-free, resolving all your doubts and ensuring that your new path towards entrepreneurship is a resounding success.

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Self-Employed advisory services

Registration and Deregistration in the Self-Employed Regime

The registration process as a self-employed individual marks the starting point for many entrepreneurs. We efficiently and diligently manage this procedure, ensuring proper registration in the Self-Employed Regime and providing the necessary advice to meet legal requirements. Likewise, in case of discontinuation of activities, we offer support to manage deregistrations in this regime, ensuring regulatory compliance at every step of the process.

Modification of Contribution Bases

Contribution bases may vary due to changes in the business, and it is crucial to adjust them appropriately. We offer personalized support to adapt these bases according to the needs of each self-employed individual, considering factors such as the economic situation and contribution expectations.

Change of Payment Account Details

Changes in payment account details are common and require formal updates. We take care of managing this process, ensuring that banking information is up-to-date and facilitating communication with the corresponding entities to avoid disruptions in financial management.

Data Variations

It is common for the personal or professional situation of a self-employed individual to experience changes. We provide advice to modify details such as change of address, marital status, employment situation, or any relevant modification, keeping documentation updated and in compliance with current regulations.

Consultations in the Self-Employed Domain

Being self-employed involves facing numerous queries and uncertainties in daily life. We offer continuous advisory services to address any questions related to self-employed management, from tax aspects to specific administrative procedures.

Retirements in the Self-Employed Regime / General Regime

The retirement process is a significant milestone. We guide self-employed individuals through this process, explaining in detail the requirements and steps to follow in both the Self-Employed Regime and the General Regime, enabling effective retirement planning and ensuring a smooth transition.

Income Tax Consultation

Income tax is a relevant tax for self-employed individuals. We provide guidance and clarity in this area, resolving doubts about tax obligations and providing strategies to optimize tax declarations, maximizing deductions and allowed tax benefits.


Proper management of withholdings is essential to comply with tax obligations. We offer advice to calculate and apply withholdings accurately, ensuring compliance with current tax regulations and avoiding possible penalties for errors in this aspect. Our commitment to the financial and administrative well-being of self-employed individuals is our priority. We strive to offer comprehensive services tailored to the individual needs of each client, aiming to facilitate their day-to-day operations and allowing them to focus on their professional activities with confidence and tranquility.

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