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Our experience and commitment to labor consultancy in the sector endorse us in managing the Labor Department of companies. At Gutiérrez Pujadas & Partners, we conduct rigorous monitoring of national and international labor consultancy and advice, comprehensive management, detailed analysis for cost optimization, management of incapacities, income tax declaration, settlements, and dismissals, among others.

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Labor Advisory Services – National and International

We provide expert support in labor advisory services, both locally and globally. Our team of specialists understands the complexities and variations in labor regulations across countries. We tailor our strategies to ensure regulatory compliance in all spheres, offering personalized guidance that adapts to the specific needs of each client. This adaptability allows businesses to operate securely and effectively in different labor environments, optimizing their human resources and avoiding legal risks.

Global Management at National and International Levels

We offer global labor management at both national and international levels, ensuring regulatory compliance in complex labor environments. From hiring to payroll and social security management, we provide solutions tailored to the specific regulations of each country. Our services include advisory services on hiring, contract drafting, resolution of labor disputes, and legal representation in judicial and administrative proceedings. With a personalized approach, we aim to optimize labor structures to enhance business efficiency, allowing our clients to focus on their core activities with confidence.

Detailed Cost efficiency Analysis

Our consultancy includes a meticulous analysis of labor and financial costs. We focus on identifying areas for improvement to maximize resources and economic efficiency for the company. This detailed evaluation allows the implementation of precise strategies that optimize the use of financial and human resources, promoting profitability and sustainable growth for the company.

Management and Handling of Disability Cases

We facilitate processes related to workplace disabilities, ensuring compliance with legal procedures and proper attention to personnel needs. Our approach is based on providing comprehensive support during delicate situations, ensuring regulatory compliance and proper care for the affected personnel. Likewise, we provide guidance to implement preventive measures that minimize future labor risks.

Income Tax Declaration, Settlements, and Terminations

In the tax field, we provide comprehensive support and advice in completing and managing Personal Income Tax (IRPF) declarations. Additionally, we offer support in settlements and termination processes, ensuring fair and transparent procedures. Our consultancy aims to ensure legal compliance with tax obligations, as well as the correct application of labor separation procedures, respecting the rights of personnel and current regulations.

Disciplinary Responses and Support in Collective Redundancies

We offer advice and support in disciplinary scenarios, covering the drafting and handling of formal communications in cases of sanctions. Furthermore, we provide guidance in collective redundancy processes (ERE), ensuring regulatory compliance in organizational change situations. We aim to ensure fair and appropriate procedures in critical moments, protecting both the interests of the company and the rights of the involved employees.

Customized Consulting for Effective Labor Management Solutions

We focus on providing specific solutions tailored to the peculiarities of each company. We address specific inquiries related to labor matters, such as doubts about payroll, contractual changes for employees, or similar procedures. Detailed and practical advice is offered to solve specific problems, providing guidance on the interpretation of labor regulations, contractual modifications, or any concerns related to specific procedures. This solution is aimed at clients seeking precise and practical answers in the labor field.

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