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At Gutiérrez Pujadas & Partners, we excel in providing comprehensive legal counsel both nationally and internationally. Our primary commitment is to offer our clients personalized and effective attention. We understand the complexity and diversity of the legal situations they face, so our mission is to provide practical and helpful solutions tailored to each specific situation. We strive to provide the most appropriate resources to address legal challenges with confidence and efficiency.

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Legal counselor services

Company Formation and Subsidiaries Establishment

We support the entire process of establishing companies, subsidiaries, and branches both nationally and internationally. From initial planning to implementation, we handle all legal and bureaucratic aspects to ensure a robust constitution in accordance with current regulations.

Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies

When the time comes to conclude business operations, we offer guidance and management in the process of dissolution and liquidation of companies, ensuring legal compliance and the proper closure of the business entity.

Sale and Purchase of Companies

We facilitate transactions for the sale and purchase of companies, guiding our clients at every stage of the process to ensure secure transactions in accordance with legal regulations.

Corporate Operations and Due Diligence

We provide support in corporate operations and conduct thorough due diligence processes to assess the legal and financial situation of companies, ensuring transparency and security in business transactions.

Family Office and Estate Planning

We offer Family Office services for the comprehensive management of family assets, ensuring the protection and growth of assets through personalized legal strategies.

Mergers, Restructurings, and Insolvencies

We advise on corporate mergers, restructurings, and insolvency situations, providing legal solutions to ensure smooth transitions and recovery strategies.

Creditors’ Meetings and Debt Recovery

In situations of financial difficulties, we assist in creditors’ meetings and offer debt recovery and claims services, protecting the interests of our clients.

Golden Visa and Residency

We facilitate processes related to Golden Visa and residency, providing legal advice for foreign investors interested in residing or investing in the country.

Corporate Holding and Tax Strategies

We provide specialized services in the structuring and management of corporate holdings, as well as tax strategies to optimize the financial and tax management of companies.

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