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Tax and Accounting Advisory

Tax and Accounting Advisory

From Gutiérrez Pujadas & Partners, we offer a comprehensive service of tax and accounting consultancy nationally and internationally, both for individuals and companies, residents and non-residents in Barcelona and Spain. Having tax and accounting advice is essential to carry out proper development of economic activity from its inception. For over 30 years, at Gutiérrez Pujadas & Partners, our main objective has been and continues to be the peace of mind and well-being of our clients. We monitor and analyze the economic situation of companies with the aim of optimizing their management and devising future economic strategies, effectively solving potential tax and accounting issues.

Asesoría fiscal y contable en Barcelona


VAT settlements with national and international Tax Administrations.

We take care of VAT settlements before national and international Tax Administrations. This service includes the complete management of processes related to the Value Added Tax (VAT), ensuring the correct filing of returns and compliance with regulations in international environments.

Registration in national and international tax authorities.

We facilitate the registration and formalization before national and international Tax Administrations. Our team takes care of the necessary procedures to register business activity in the corresponding tax frameworks, ensuring regularity and legality in the international scope.

Business Restructuring

We offer advice and support in business restructuring processes. Our assistance ranges from reviewing and redesigning organizational structures to implementing strategies that optimize efficiency and profitability in changing and competitive environments.

Patrimonial and Succession Planning

We provide estate and succession planning services, ensuring strategic and efficient management of assets and inheritance. Our approach focuses on designing strategies to preserve and maximize wealth, considering tax and legal aspects to ensure the continuity and protection of the family or business legacy.

Tax inspections

We offer assistance and advice in situations of inspection by the Public Treasury. Our specialized team accompanies the company throughout the inspection process, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing effective responses to requests for information from tax authorities.

Accounting Management and Advisory

We provide comprehensive accounting management services, ensuring accurate and up-to-date maintenance of financial records. Additionally, we offer specialized advice on accounting matters, ensuring the proper application of regulations and optimization of the company’s financial resources.

Financial Analysis and Preparation of Annual Accounts

We conduct a thorough financial analysis of the company’s economic situation. This includes the preparation of detailed annual accounts, allowing for an accurate assessment of the company’s financial health and facilitating strategic decision-making.

Procedures before Financial Institutions and Handling of Requirements

We manage financial procedures with banking and financial institutions on behalf of the company, simplifying and streamlining processes. Additionally, we handle requests from the AEAT (State Tax Administration Agency) and ensure clear and comprehensive responses to meet information inquiries.

Income Tax Declaration and Tax Management

We offer assistance with the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) declaration and manage a wide variety of taxes. Our focus is on ensuring accuracy in tax declaration and efficient tax management, in compliance with current regulations.

National and International Taxation

We provide specialized tax advisory services, both at national and international levels. Our approach adapts to different tax scenarios, ensuring compliance with regulations and optimizing the company’s tax structure in local and international environments.

Experts in advising expatriates.

We analyze tax regulations and double taxation treaties to clarify tax obligations, benefits, and incentives in both the home and destination countries. We handle key tax procedures, from declarations to withholding tax refunds, ensuring compliance and tax benefits for expatriates.

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